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  • You took away from me more than you thought. You embedded in me horror I'll never forget. You pushed through me more than sex. You told me things that made me grow old. I hate you. But I'd never be me without you. And that's a scary thought...

  • Deputy John Helme is tired of watching his friends die.  As the law enforcement corrections coordinator for the Suncoast Criminal Justice Academy and a Navy veteran, Dep. Helme’s has seen it all, but none more disturbing than the rise in law enforcement suicides. In 2019, more police officers died by suicide than active duty deaths. [...]

  • One of the most contested roles today is that of an Israeli Defense Force soldier. The soldierfights to protect their homeland, risking their life for the sake of their brethren and faces a worldof anti-Israel hatred as they do. While most of these soldiers grew up on the hillsides of Israel,Over 7,000 soldiers in the [...]

  • The reality of the rate of suicide is a startling and devastating wake up call to those who are not up close and personal with the crisis. The Gelt Charitable Foundation, a Florida based non-profit organization that provides suicide prevention workshops worldwide, is on the forefront of the fight to spread awareness. They work with [...]

  • The Gelt Charitable Foundation had the distinct honor of partnering with the Boston Fire Department to combat suicide among first responders. Over 1,500 Boston Firefighters were trained in suicide prevention this summer using Gelt Charitable Foundation’s new first responder curriculum.  A leading cause of death among firefighters is suicide. In 2019, over 118 firefighters died [...]

  • The Gelt Charitable Foundation is sharing resources and emphasizing the importance of mental health with a free virtual workshop, “If You See Something Say Something,” for veterans on Veterans Day. Presented by Leigh Ioffe, certified safeTALK trainer and mental health advocate, this virtual workshop will help veterans recognize the signs of struggling with suicide and [...]


Instead of having us talk about ourselves, why don’t you see what our participants have to say.

The suicide prevention program was dynamic, insightful, practical, and useful. The workshop taught students real-world, life saving tools, packaged in an easy to digest format. I strongly recommend this workshop for any organization looking to providing resources for suicide prevention.

Martin Galla
Ph.D Director of Yeshiva University Counseling Center

I am so happy I attended this workshop. I genuinely learned so much. There is so much about suicide that I did not know that I now know. I now know how to recognize red flags and how to approach someone who may be suicidal. This workshop also cleared up a lot of false stigmas.
Thank you!

Hannah Ferber
Trained with Sigma Delta Tau

With Mental Health being such an important topic these days we were grateful for the opportunity to host this program. Leigh was an amazing presenter and our Chapter Advisors and staff took away a great deal. We look forward to utilizing this information to help our organization and its members.

Andrew Neiberg
Director of Campus Operations Alpha Epsilon Pi

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  • The Chabad Center of Passaic County will host a safeTALK workshop. This is the first event of its kind to be held at The Chabad Center of Passaic County and will be open to students, parents, mental health professionals and the community at large.

  • How two young women began an awareness revolution, and what you need to know to help someone in trouble.

  • “It is crucial that our community comes together to get trained and learn to recognize the signs of suicide,” said Rabbi Zev Johnson, director of The Chabad Student Center at The University of Texas,

  • Over the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic has created a host of mental health issues for people around the world. College students, especially freshmen…