Gelt Charitable Foundation

Who We Are

The Gelt Charitable Foundation is a foundation created by Gelt Financial, which makes all of our work possible. Founded in 2019 by Jack Miller to ensure that communities receive the mental, physical, and emotional support they need. 


In just three years, The Gelt Charitable Foundation has supported thousands of individuals through suicide prevention education, support of addiction programs, and criminal justice reform.

Jack Miller

cEO & Founder

Jack has always been passionate about giving back and making the world a kinder place. After years of success in the real estate business with over a billion dollars in deals, and 30 years of leading Gelt Financial, Jack wanted a way to strengthen the communities he loved. The Gelt Charitable Foundation was born in 2020, during a dark time, to bring more light into the world, in whichever ways it can.

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