Gelt Charitable Foundation

Who We Are

The Gelt Charitable Foundation is a foundation created by Gelt Financial, which makes all of our work possible. Founded in 2019 by Jack Miller to ensure that communities receive the mental, physical, and emotional support they need. To better encapsulate our mission, we rebranded to The Long Short Road in 2022. 

What is the long short road? Think about it: We live in a short-cut-focused world. Do this, and you’ll be rich. Do this, and you’ll be skinny. Do this, and you’ll be happy.

Chassidic teachings coined the term “the short long road.” At first glance, it seems like the right path, because it promises quick results. Yet, when you find yourself on this path, you go in a circle, you face impossible obstacles, and you never reach your destination.

The Long Short road is the path of healing. It appears long and treacherous, it promises no quick results, it forces you to show up, in a real way, each day, it can demand so much from us, pushing us further than we imagined possible. It is the worthy path in the end, as it leads us to our destination.

We believe in the long short road, in the slow yet steady steps towards healing and recovery. And we’re excited to share this journey with you.

Our Team

Jack Miller

cEO & Founder

Jack has always been passionate about giving back and making the world a kinder place. After years of success in the real estate business with over a billion dollars in deals, and 30 years of leading Gelt Financial, Jack wanted a way to strengthen the communities he loved. The Gelt Charitable Foundation was born in 2020, during a dark time, to bring more light into the world, in whichever ways it can.

Leigh Ioffe


Leigh brings to LSR over six years of experience working with at-risk and suicidal youth. To date, Leigh has schooled 6,000 people internationally in suicide prevention. At the Foundation, Leigh leads the team, and is the lead developer and educator for unique workshops across the country, on Zoom and in-person. Additionally, Leigh is a published author and soon to be graduate student in social work.

Etti Krinsky

Creative Director

A graduate student obtaining her masters in mental health counseling, Etti has been passionate about mental health for a long time. Etti developed and taught a creative writing curriculum for teenagers, and has been a freelance writer and editor for 6 years.  At LSR, Etti manages the social media, and focuses her attention on creative projects within the Foundation. 


Zissie Ciment


 Zissie completed her service in the IDF in 2021 as a lone soldier. She made Israel her home at the completion of her service, where she is now working towards her Bachelors of Psychology. At LSR, Zissie plays a large role in the Lone Soldier Initiatives and runs the administrative aspects of the Foundation. 

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