One of the most contested roles today is that of an Israeli Defense Force soldier. The soldier
fights to protect their homeland, risking their life for the sake of their brethren and faces a world
of anti-Israel hatred as they do. While most of these soldiers grew up on the hillsides of Israel,
Over 7,000 soldiers in the IDF are lone soldiers or soldiers without immediate family in Israel.
When you look around your own family or community, you will find those who left the comforts
of their home and family to serve Israel, and join this brave mission. While the Israeli
government and IDF provides services and stipends for these young men and women,
sometimes their expenses exceed the availability of funds.

This information was particularly disheartening to Mr. H. Jack Miller, CEO of Gelt Financial, and
founder of the Gelt Charitable Foundation. It didn’t take long before he decided to be a part of
the solution. Through his foundation, he began to adopt one soldier at a time, providing them
with an additional monthly stipend to make ends meet. “A lone soldier told us that while he
would have made ends meet, he found that these stipends allowed him the relief of not having
to stress about money as he served, and allowed him to focus on his mission,” said Miller.
In late 2021, the world lost a soul who was devoted to the Jewish people and Israel. A friend of
Jack Miller’s, Michael Milin had a very deep pride, love, and commitment to the Jewish people
and Israel. Together, the two of them would dream up ways to use their capacity for giving for
the betterment of the Jewish community, in their own city and across the globe. Michael would
never hesitate to write a generous check when he believed in the cause, and his passing left a
gaping hole in the Jewish community at large. He is affectionately remembered for going above
and beyond what was expected, and providing more financial support to his community than
many will ever know.

Soon after Michael’s family finished sitting Shiva, Jack promised them that a lone soldier in
Israel would be cared for in Michael’s honor, and he stayed true to that promise. Today, a lone
soldier is able to go to sleep at night without the weight of a financial burden in the merit of one
man who loved his nation.

If you want to get involved with helping to meet the various needs of a lone soldier, reach out to You can also find us on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok to
look out for updates on opportunities to give!

The Gelt Charitable Foundation is a nonprofit organization that raises awareness and provides
support for those who feel alone. Sponsored by Gelt Financial, the nonprofit specializes in
criminal justice reform, lone soldier adoption, improving recovery programs, and mental health
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